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balcony-55Creating Canberra Interiors and Exteriors with Style

Room/Balcony Solutions starting at $1250

Do you have a space that needs some style? We can work our expertise on anything from a courtyard or balcony, to a lounge room or bedroom. We will carefully listen to your needs, and learn who you are, then deliver something that is unique to you. So how does the styling experience with Madame Gazelle begin?

Step 1, Capturing your style

Each project we liken to a finger print, it’s unique. Your space, be it the design or the look you would like to achieve. How would it be best utilised for your needs? Do you entertain? What is your lifestyle? We begin with a face to face consultation which will cover questions such as these. This combined with measurements and your budget will enable us to begin the process of building your profile, your fingerprint! Allowing Madame Gazelle to create a styling package that it best suited to your needs and desired outcome.

Step 2, The design solution

Often we have found our clients know what they want, they simply need assistance getting it from their heads into their reality! We pride ourselves on placing those missing pieces of the puzzle together and providing you with a design solution. You will be given,

Mood board

  A 2D image representing the overall feel of your new space, including theme/s, colours and finishes.

Product Recommendations

A list of recommended products available.

Floor plan

  A scaled drawing showing you how recommended products can be placed in your space.

Step 3, Creating your new space

Option 1 – The Overhaul package

Do you have the time to get the gear? We offer an option to do it all for you. That’s right, Madame Gazelle will source, purchase, assemble and deliver the products, then put it all together with real style. Bringing your space from the 2D to life!

Option 2 – The Inspiration Package

HOWEVER if you are happy to do the leg work, with the guidance of the design solution, you can make your own purchases. Once they are fully assembled and ready on location, Madame Gazelle will return and style it for you. It will be full steam ahead, your space will be completed in no time ready for you to relax and enjoy!